A “NetCDF 4 in R” cheatsheet


I recently promised a "NetCDF in R" cheat sheet to a friend, and I thought it might make a useful tutorial. NetCDF files are often used to distribute gridded, multidimensional spatial data such as sea surface temperature, chlorophyll-a levels and so on. NetCDF is more than just a file format, and so googling it can… Read More »

South African Local Government Elections 2016

. 2016_election_effort

A visual comparison of party effort across municipalities / districts. With South Africa’s local government elections in a few days time (3rd August 2016), I wondered about the effort being expended by the parties in each district or municipality. Has it increased or decreased since the 2011 elections? I must point out that I am not… Read More »

Plot a wind rose in R

. windrose_directions_crop

Introduction This is another post regarding some plots that I needed to make for a publication. As before, I relied heavily on Stack Exchange and many other sites for figuring out how to get my plot looking the way I needed it to, and so this is my attempt to contribute back to the broader… Read More »

Plotting greyscale contoured data in R with ggplot2

. Region of elevated mesoscale activity, or eddy field (dashed rectangle), to the south-west of Marion Island. Mean eddy kinetic energy values for the period 2008–2010 are plotted, and the 3000 m isobaths show the series of faults cross-cutting the Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR).

Introduction Preparing figures for publication can take a long time (well it does for me anyway), and I relied very heavily on numerous online resources to figure out some of the dos and don’ts. Obviously I owe massive thanks to the hundreds of blogs and Stack Exchange questions and answers I relied on. Where I… Read More »

Installing FFmpeg in Windows 7


So what is FFmpeg? Some things you should know Installing FFmpeg Test FFmpeg If you’re anything like me, your first tentative steps away from GUIs to mighty CLIs can be intimidating. The internet is full of programs that claim to be able to do what you’re imagining but you cant get any of them to… Read More »